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These resources have been developed in alignment with the current National Curriculum. The intention is that they are used to support teachers and students in classrooms around Australia in building greater intercultural awareness and capability. For this reason, the majority of resources are free of charge. If you would like support with how to bring them into the classroom or using them to enhance your existing curriculum please reach out to us at

Yolngu Interactive Workbook Information

An informative snapshot about the Yolngu people of North East Arnhem Land.


Makassan Boat Activity

A template outline of a boat, similar to the Perahu display in the museum. Designed for students to interpret the information studies, and reflect understanding in an artistic manner.


Missing Voices

A PPT supported activity that encourages students to explore the themes and messages of the Missing Voices exhibition while unpacking a deeper understanding of themselves. Curriculum Links: ACHHS212, ACHHS155, ACHHS152, ACDSEH147, ACDSEH144, Intercultural Understanding general capabilities Level 5 and Level 6


Missing Voices Rubric

An assessment rubric designed to accompany the Missing Voices activity set. Curriculum Links (Victoria): VCICCB014, VCICCB013 Curriculum Links (National): ACHHS212, ACHHS155, ACHHS152, ACDSEH147, ACDSEH144, Intercultural Understanding General Capabilities Level 5 and Level 6


By Compass and Quran Comprehension Worksheet

A series of questions design to support student understanding of the documentary By Compass and Quran. Curriculum Links: ACHHS205, ACHHS148, ACDSEH084, ACDSEH090, ACDSEH089


Boundless Plains Comprehension Questions

A comprehension sheet to support student viewing of the documentary Boundless Plains.

Curriculum Links: ACOKFH084, ACDSEH089, ACDSEH147, ACDSEH145, ACDSEH149


Understanding Islam

Brainstorming map to support students in taking and organising notes while watching Islam 101 with Sherene Hassan. Curriculum Links: Intercultural Understanding Level 5 and Level 6.


Makassan Interactive Workbook Info

A historical summary of the Makassan's coming to Australia in a format that allows students to create organised notes on the topic. Curriculum Link: ACOKFH003, ACHHS205, ACHHS148


Connected Histories

An overview of how the history of Muslims in Australia is connected to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders of Australia.