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Founded in May 2010, the Islamic Museum of Australia was established as the first of its kind in Australia. The Museum is dedicated to sharing education and cross cultural experiences with a mission to foster deeper understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims.

  • We do this through sharing Islamic art and architecture, showcasing Islamic contributions to civilisation and highlighting the history of Muslims in Australia and our contributions to the country.
  • Our future will see us take on even more with a greater emphasis on digital platforms, youth programs and extending our reach.

Our Online Education Portal is designed to provide teachers and students with the opportunity to engage with unique historical connections that explore Australian history through the experiences of Muslim migrants, enabling students to access unique cultural learnings and offer diverse educational resource to help build an understanding of Islamic faith in Australia and facilitate meaningful discussions with the hopes of achieving greater social cohesion.

If you are looking for some assistance or guidance in your classroom, we have built a strong education team with representatives all over the country. Our programs can be tailored to suit your specific classroom requirements, always aligned to curriculum and supported with assessment rubrics to ensure an enriching learning experience for all. Click on the Contact Us page to get in touch.